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Startups from around the world trust TechTrack to manage their fundraising and B2B lead gen. Our customers come from the world’s top incubators & accelerators and have raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

How to Qualify

Eligible startups get advanced TechTrack features access to our Growth Academy & access to our year round digital partnering platform at a 95% discount.

New TechTrack Customer

Less than $2M in Funding

Less than 20 Employees

Company is less than
5 Years Old

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limits of my plan?

Your access comes with 300 data verification credits per month with an option to add another 300 more if you'd like. 

What’s included in my plan?
The startup package includes:
  • Unlimited Access to Data
  • Unlimited Seats
  • Unlimited Pipelines
  • Pipeline Sharing
  • Unlimited Integrations
How do I apply?

Simply click apply now. Our AI will automatically determine whether you are eligible. It's that simple.

What integrations will this support?

We integrate with every major CRM & prospecting tool including Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and more through Zapier. 

What is the Pricing?

The startup program is an annual plan and works out to $150/mo.

Each year, upon renewal, your funding will be reassessed, which will determine whether you are still eligible for the program. 

When you outgrow the startup program criteria (>25 employees, >$2M in funding, or want more than the 600 monthly data credits) we will work with you directly to transition you to our growth plan.

We're with you all the way!

Just a few years ago we took out a $30K line of credit and bet that there was a better way for startups to raise capital & companies to grow their sales pipeline. We know it’s a complicated, overwhelming world out there when it comes to data and we tried to simplify it. Want to get funded faster and grow your sales pipeline? Apply Now!

“We loved how TechTrack has streamlined our fundraising process and integrated seamlessly with our existing workflow. We managed to raise our round in half the time we thought it would take by leveraging the data and marketing automation that TechTrack offered. I’d highly recommend this to any startup CEO.”

Jim Buck, CEO, ClearCut Medical

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