Company Search

To find startups or other companies in TechTrack, click on the Company Search tab in the navigation menu. You can filter companies by name, industry, keyword, funding metrics and geography.

To run a company search, input the desired filters and hit “Search.” We recommend casting a wide net at first and so it’s best to limit the number of filters you apply.

Once you’ve run a search, if you want to go back and modify or add additional filters, click on the arrow in the search filters to expand the widget and modify your search criteria.

If you want to save a search, hit the “Save As” button and enter a name for your saved search. Once you hit the “Save Button” you can quickly run the search from the dashboard or navigate to your saved searches in the menu.

If you want to view a saved search, you can access it from the “Saved Lists & Searches” widget on your Dashboard or by clicking on the Saved Searches tab on the navigation bar.

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