Using Triggers

To use a trigger, navigate to a prospect you would like to use to trigger the automation. Next, click on the “Trigger Action” button which will display a pop-up where you can select your desired trigger.

Once the pop-up is visible, select the desired action that you want to trigger. If you have a default pipeline action this will automatically show up in the pipeline & stage drop down menus. Next, select the contact(s) you would like to include in the action.

Once you’ve selected the contact and hit save, if your action was successful you should see a success notification in green. If you see a red notification, go back to Zapier to make sure you have turned your Zap on and that the API key is entered correctly into your zap. If you are still having difficulty, contact support.

It’s always smart to double check that your data is mapped correctly in your target application. If you find errors or missing fields, check that you mapped your fields correctly in your zap.

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