Creating a Zap

Once you’ve signed up for a Zapier account, you can move to the next step and create your desired integration. To create an integration, go to your account settings and click “Add Trigger.”

Input the name and description for the trigger. This will help you identify the action when you are on a prospect’s profile and want to trigger an automation.

You can also create a default pipeline action so your prospect automatically gets added to a pipeline when you trigger the specified action.

Once you’ve saved your trigger, copy the Zapier Key from the Trigger you created. This will be used to map TechTrack to your desired application using Zapier.

Next, login to your Zapier account and click “Make a Zap.” In order to find the TechTrack zap for the next step, make sure you’ve accepted the invite to our private Zap.

Find the TechTrack Zap in the and select “Record Trigger.” Next, paste the Zapier Key from the Trigger you created in TechTrack into the Authentication Key field.

Next, select the app you would like to map data to from TechTrack and chose the action event in the target application. We recommend selecting the action that “Find Record” and has the option to create a prospect if none are found.

If you selected “Find Record,” choose the TechTrack field you would like to use to find a possible account in your target application. Then map the desired TechTrack fields to your target application.

Once you’ve mapped the TechTrack fields and steps, turn the zap on and you’re all set! You are now ready to start using triggers to automate your workflow.

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